Review: The Farmacist, Ashley Farmer

I wrote a review of a new book out from Jellyfish Highway Press:

The Farmacist, by Ashley Farmer. Jellyfish Highway Press, November 2015. 80 pages.

Ashley Farmer’s The Farmacist suggests by its title an affiliation with digital contagion—perhaps as an offering, a written prescription for our complicated diagnosis. Yet there is nothing prescriptive about its approach. Rather than tease a dichotomy between good and bad contagions, Farmer forces her readers to rethink both the charming idealism of a tech-utopia, as well as the privileges afforded “authenticity,” or the real. After all, does the computerized drip-irrigation of a farm render it unreal? And how much of Farm Town—an interactive digital pastoral available via Facebook—actually remains constrained within that fabricated digital?

You can read the whole review on the Heavy Feather Review website!


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