Amache, Colorado: Where I Drove, and What I Wrote For

When my mother and I visited Amache at the end of June 2016, I didn’t expect to learn anything I didn’t already know–not from the meager National Park Service signage, attempting to tell a ‘niche’ ethnic history most people wouldn’t know from Adam (Japanese Americans included).

Gloria Harrison’s “Let’s See How Fast This Baby Will Go”

I’m a sucker for all road/car narratives, but Gloria Harrison’s is one of the best–if not the best–I’ve ever read. She combines an artful matter-of-factness with a masterful ability to interweave personal history with the multivocal, character-infused present. And she’ll have you hooked from her opening paragraph: I wake up before 7:00 on the morningContinue reading “Gloria Harrison’s “Let’s See How Fast This Baby Will Go””